About the Project...

This blog originally started to showcase our family cook nights but has since developed into a full fledged… [more]

About the Project... About the Project...

Lobster Thermidor

We've been wanting to make this one for awhile now....there's just something cool about Lobster and the… [more]

Lobster Thermidor Lobster Thermidor

Poultry Palooza

We live just outside of town (we could walk there in the time it takes a liberal to criticize the Church)… [more]

Poultry Palooza Poultry Palooza

Flashlight Batteries

We were under a tornado watch this evening. The skies grew dark and ominous, the always busy Texas wind… [more]

Flashlight Batteries Flashlight Batteries

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Latest Posts Latest Posts

The Tethered Ass

We went to Passion Sunday Mass today and as usual it was awesome; what a beautiful liturgy. Of course… [more]

The Tethered Ass The Tethered Ass

Farmer John

I don't know what is with me this year...I'm continually feeling a resurgence for simplicity, self sustenance,… [more]

Farmer John Farmer John

The Awkward Armadillo

We had some excitement today at the old homestead! As we pulled in from bringing the kids home from… [more]

The Awkward Armadillo The Awkward Armadillo

Eight Little Chefs started out as a way to document our our family cooking nights, but has since developed into a blog about all of our big family escapades and more...

I'm glad you're here, feel free to look around, join the conversation and stop back frequently!

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Cook Night

crostata Eight Little Chefs

Blueberry Crostata

A simple rustic italian desert with a special twist...


armadillo Eight Little Chefs

The Awkward Armadillo

The Kids chase and catch an Armadillo....


mel Eight Little Chefs

A Priest Forever

What exactly is meant by "laicization"...


water Eight Little Chefs

Rocket Man

We build a soda bottle water rocket....

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